Marumori CHILL CAMP | Stress-free, relax, and delicious.


How about chilling and lazying about in the mountains with food, music, and illuminations for a day of healing?

In the backcountry of Marumori Town, surrounded by the mountains and the rivers, there is a day-camp event for all the family, to simply relax and hang out.
Oh! and no need to prep or pack anything. We have that covered. A BBQ featuring Sendai beef from Marumori, as well as sweets and drinks using local specialties will be on offer. There will be live music and DJs with the theme of "healing", and more than 240 "Take-Akari" bamboo lanterns creating a magical ambiance. How about chilling and lazying about in the mountains with food, music, and illuminations for a day of healing?

Stress-free day-camp, go with the Abukuma Express Line

Limited to 30 groups · 100 people per day

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Stress-free, relax, and delicious.

Nature Image

As you jump off the train at the unmanned Abukuma Station in this secluded area, you will be greeted with a breathtaking view of the Abukuma Valley with its lush rivers and mountains. Abukuma River has created a natural stage over many many years, and the seasonal, ever-changing scenery will grab the hearts of all that visit. Feel the healing power of nature at one of the highlights of "Marumori, a town where water and greenery shine".

Music Image

The event will feature 6 groups of musicians active both in and outside of the prefecture, to deliver these special live performances in the midst of nature. The theme is "Chill Music", and the "healing" sounds will create a space where you can free your mind and body. Enjoy the harmony, with the sounds of the wind, the river, and the creatures, all co-starring in the live performance.

Food Image

We have prepared a special menu that allows you to taste all of Marumori. The main is the BBQ of beef and chicken, born and raised here with love in this natural environment. The seasonal Marumori vegetables and mushrooms ajillo are definitely not to be missed. Rice balls made from the popular brand of rice "Iza Uijin" will also be served. You can also look forward to original sweets created by the local gelato store "La Festa".

Takeakari Image

Using locally grown Marumori bamboo, we will illuminate the great outdoors with Take-Akari bamboo lanterns. Take-Akari bamboo lanterns are made by making holes in bamboo and lit with candles or LEDs. More than 240 bamboo lanterns have been created by "CHIKAKEN"; a team based in Kumamoto that produces bamboo lanterns nationwide.


Lives in Zao Town, Miyagi Prefecture
Singer-songwriter. Continuously making music, living in an environment surrounded by vast expanses of nature. In 2017, "Tomo ni Aruko" - Let's Walk Together, was used as a cheering song for the Tohoku-Miyagi Revive Marathon.
The songs are like scooping up all the pieces of happiness in our daily lives. You can picture the scene, and feel as if you are watching a short movie as you listen to the music. Not only an artist but also organizes events such as "Tohoku Happy Holiday".
Satoko Yoshida a.k.a Satokolab
Satoko Yoshida a.k.a Satokolab
Based in Sendai. A genre-less singer with no boundaries; sings with an emphasis on delivering the message. With songs that transcend barriers, the live performance; a mixture of a cappella and recitation, has gained popularity from a wide range of audiences. Streamed "Tabibito-tachi "- Travelers in April 2020
Techno-pop band
A PureRoid techno-pop band; their music will make your body jump. With melodies that will stay in your head and lyrics that are pure and straightforward, they are active mainly in Sendai. Bringing you an acoustic version in this event.
Jam Band
Three biological brothers from Sendai City. Each of them had been playing in different bands, but formed in a drunken frenzy on New Year's Day 2015. Daily sessions.
Taiko drum group
TABIDAIKO is a taiko drum group based in Marumori, Miyagi. Adopting an interactive performance style between the audience and the performers; in pursuit of unprecedented expressions of the Japanese wa-daiko drums. The performance group "SIRO-A" is also scheduled to perform, combining projection mapping and Japanese instruments in this event.

PhotoSpecial Chill Out Session | The finale is a Marumori Special Chill Out session by TABIDAIKO and SIRO-A.


Campsite tickets (with BBQ)
*Free for children under 3 years old

2 people ¥14,000 3 people ¥21,000
4 people ¥26,000 save ¥2,000 5 people ¥33,000 save ¥2,000
6 people ¥39,000 save ¥3,000 ¥5,000 per child (between 3 and 12 years old)

* Tarps, sheets, tables, chairs, and other equipment will be provided. Come empty-handed and just enjoy the event.
* Choose between the "Music Area" where you can relax while listening to music, or the "Nature Area" where you can relax while enjoying the scenery.

Abukuma Express Line
"Marumori Station - Abukuma Station"
round trip ticket

¥500 per person Park in the temporary parking lot at Marumori Station (Abukuma Express Line).
Doba, Tateyamayamada, Marumori-machi, Igu-gun, Miyagi Prefecture 〒981-2103

●Please do not come by car as there is no parking available at the venue.
●Please use the Abukuma Express Line as we expect heavy congestion on the day.
●If you are traveling by car, please use the free parking lot at Marumori Station.



One stop on the Abukuma Express Line from Marumori Station, about 7 minutes

Marumori Forest Lounge
(Tengunomiya Sangyo Denshokan)

34-13, Takinokami, Marumori-machi, Igu-gun, Miyagi Prefecture 〒981-2185 TEL: 0224-75-2869
Information / TEL:0224-51-8804

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If you are coming by public transport
1-minute walk from "Abukuma Station," Abukuma Express Line
Take the JR Tohoku Main Line from Sendai Station and transfer to the Abukuma Express Line at Tsukinoki Station.
[The quickest time from Sendai Station to Marumori Station is about 60 minutes]
If you are coming by car
Joban Expressway. About 20 minutes from "Shinchi" IC
Tohoku Expressway. About 30 minutes from the "Shiroishi" IC, about 40 minutes from the "Kunimi" IC
Abukuma Express Line. Park in the free parking lot at "Marumori Station"
Abukuma Express Line. One stop (about 7 minutes) from Marumori Station to Abukuma Station


  • Abukuma Express, Ltd.
  • Log Stove Momi-no-Ki
  • Marumori Town
  • GM7 Co., Ltd.
  • SIRO-A
  • nandary candary Inc.
  • heart and brain Co.
  • bmpd

Organized by: MORE JAM - Miyagi Leisure Support Project
(GM7 Co., Ltd., SIRO-A Inc., nandary candary Inc., heart and brain Co.)

Co-sponsored by: Abukuma Express, Ltd./ Log Stove Momi-no-Ki/ Abukuma-sou (Sendai Heritage Tourism)/ Fudoson Park Camping Ground (Iguryokka Co., Ltd.)/ Marumori Town Tourism and Product Promotion Office
Support: Marumori Town / Take-Akari bamboo lanterns: CHIKAKEN / Advertisement design: bmpd


  • ●Campsite locations are assigned. ●Overnight stays are not permitted. ●The area around the venue is surrounded by mountains, making it difficult to get a cell phone signal. ●The capacity of the venue is limited to 30 groups (about 100 people). ●Resale of tickets is strictly prohibited. ●Tickets cannot be canceled to prevent them from being resold. Please be aware of this when purchasing tickets. ●Please refrain from bringing any food or drink. ●Please refrain from driving if you plan to drink alcohol. ●Food served at the venue may contain wheat, eggs, and dairy products. ●Events, production contents, and performers are subject to change without notice.
  • ●Photography, video, and audio recording are permitted for non-commercial use. The use of flash in photo, video, and audio recordings are prohibited. Use of tripods and SLR cameras are permitted, but recording away from your seat, using large lenses or equipment, and using tablets such as iPads and Android devices are prohibited as they may disturb the people around you. ●Please note that photos and videos taken during the event may be used in future promotions. ●Cameras and film crew will be present on the day and visitors may appear in future media and product images. ●The event will be held rain or shine. (The event will be canceled in the event of a typhoon, heavy rain forecast, or other threats of disaster)
  • Since this is the time of year when viral infections such as influenza and colds, as well as COVID-19, are common, we ask for your understanding and cooperation in preventing the spread of infection as outlined below.
  • If you have symptoms such as fever, coughing, sneezing, general aches and pain, diarrhea, etc., be sure to consult a medical professional before your visit and follow instructions at a designated medical facility.
    ●Please wear a mask to prevent infections. ●Please remember to wash your hands and gargle. ●There will be rubbing alcohol at the entrance of the venue. Please cooperate with us in taking sufficient countermeasures against infections. ●If you feel unwell at the venue, please do not hesitate and immediately inform the nearest member of staff.
    ◎For the latest information on COVID-19, please click here.
    Website of the Office for COVID-19 and Other Emerging Infectious Disease Control, Cabinet Secretariat